Tinuola: Soap Box Challenge winner speaks out against domestic abuse 

We're delighted to announce that Tinuola Ibrahim from Townley Grammar School is our Soap Box Challenge 2015 winner. 

Tinuola delivered an exceptional slam poetry performance in support of Bexley Women's Aid. The challenge took part at the annual First Give Awards 2015 where students were tasked to advocate for a chosen charity, a social issue or their First Give experience for 30 seconds.  

The performance was incredibly unique and showed great passion for the support of women who have suffered domestic abuse. 

 Tinuola presented the charity with a £250 grant which will go towards the care of women and children who use their services.

Tinuola said: “The Soap Box Challenge has given me the opportunity to continue my good work for Bexley Women’s Aid after supporting them through the First Give programme. I’ve been able to put my views forward and speak out about the fantastic work they do in the community. I’m so proud of my achievement and I want to inspire other students to do the same.”

Clair Johnson, Director of Bexley Women’s Aid said: “We’re thrilled about the win and so humbled that Tinuola chose us to support in the challenge. It’s always wonderful to be considered and see how aware the young women are about women’s rights and our work.”

Don't miss out on Tinuola's Soap Box Challenge - watch it here.