These comprehensive and attractively presented resources from First Give are designed to provide everything that a teacher needs to teach and support students, as they research social issues, prepare for and present their ideas to others and work in teams to take forward a social action project as part of active citizenship. The resources can be used to support teaching Citizenship at key stages 3 and 4 and can provide a structure to approaching the active citizenship project required for the GCSE Citizenship Studies qualification."

The Association for Citizenship Teaching

First Give is so beneficial to young people in terms of developing independence, organisation, empathy and a sense of communal responsibility."

Deyvani Patel, Teacher, Bentley Wood High School

“The First Give programme is outstanding. The resources and lesson plans are easy to implement and have good potential for outstanding learning and progress from all students. It is original and exciting and makes students take a genuine interest in their local community."

Ben Chappell, Head of PSHE, Wilson's School

“First Give is an excellent scheme to provide students with knowledge of the social issues around them, life skills and confidence."

Tina Carls, School Governor, SPS school

“An amazing and inspiring night full of passion, poignance and talent. Thank you First Give!"

Ewan Crowley, Head Boy, Wren Academy

“It was an excellently organised evening and good to see so many Year 8 pupils involved in researching and speaking about local charities with passion."

Mayor of Barnet, First Give Judge, The London Academy

It was a pleasure to witness first hand the passion, commitment and hard work put in by the students at today's event. Their genuine commitment to the charities they supported was an inspiration and the students, school, charities and First Give are to be applauded for their efforts. As a panel member it was a salutary reminder that so many of our young people are already leaders and we should work hard to give them every opportunity to develop their immense potential. Thank you."

Paul Macey, Community Development Manager, First Give Judge

“I think First Give is an amazing charity doing inspiring work to support other charities. More than that, it develops confidence of the pupils who participate in it."

Laura Webb, Events Partnerships Manager, First Give Judge

“The programme gives the children the chance to open their eyes to some of the problems that exist around us. The help and direction given by First Give enabled the students to put out this message in a powerful way."

Charles Joel, Councillor in Bromley, First Give Judge

“Wow, what a fantastic night! Great presentations by the individual groups delivered with pace, passion and enthusiasm. A very proud evening for all involved."

Liz Jones, Dunstable Town Mayor, First Give Judge

“What an amazing group of students. I am so proud of their emotional impact, research knowledge and confidence. What an articulate group of women. WELL DONE."

Geraldine Freear, Headteacher, Convent of Jesus and Mary College

“We have experienced a learning curve where we involved  ourselves positively in social issues- we have seen that our input can make a genuine difference."

Year 8 Student, The London Academy of Excellence

“The boys are a real credit to Wilson's and it was great to hear that they will continue their social action journey after First Give."

Gillian Smith, Campaign Director of Step up to Serve, First Give Judge

“The response from my form has been unprecedented in its enthusiasm and dedication to their chosen charities. Each group is personally involved with the charity - one group took part in a radio pod cast aimed at helping young people who have parents with cancer, one group has written to numerous toy shops asking them to donate to children in hospital and one group is organising a benefit event for young people from deprived areas who visit a youth club. The class have worked so well together and in such a supportive (and competitive) way, it has been a joy to see. They are a more supportive, collaborative, resilient and ambitious form as a result of this project. I AM SO PROUD OF THEM!"

Sally McDonagh, Teacher, Townley Grammar School

Highly successful programme culminating in a very well organised public final with high profile judges. The students’ presentations were outstanding. The programme has been embedded in the curriculum in y9 PSHCE and follows on from several years of Giving Nation work undertaken by our highly motivated students. We now have plans in place to have a launch event next term where we have all the newly chosen charities invited to an in-school event where the students can do initial planning and organise follow up visits with their charities."

Ruth Wheatley, Teacher, St Albans Girls' School

“What a fantastic evening! I loved watching the students show their passion for their charities. I would be honoured to judge again!"

Maddi Deeks, Safer Schools Officer, First Give Judge

“Trusly amazing, fabulous young people! Thank you to First Give. I would encourage all schools to take part. "

Celine Nembhard, Careers Coordinator, First Give Judge

“First Give has provided a fantastic opportunity for our students to engage with important aspects of their local community. The programme was simple to follow and allowed students to develop their confidence as well as research, teamwork and presentation skills."

Samir Hamdaoui, Academic Mentor, Eastbury School

“A fabulous opportunity for students to engage with philanthropic endeavours, considering the needs of others and becoming passionate advocates for worthy causes."

Katie Abrams, Head of Year 8, First Give Judge

“A fantastic project which deepened students' understanding of social issues and heightened awareness of the importance of giving."

Ms Keran Reilly, Headteacher, Ursuline Academy

“A wonderful opportunity for our young generation to engage with their community and raise awareness of socio-economic issues."

Kathy Steele, Human Resources Manager, First Give Judge

“It is such a wonderful scheme and has so many positive and powerful outcomes for our students. We have thoroughly enjoyed the process and the resources are outstanding."

Annette Woodrow, Teacher, Kingsbury High School

“I'm so pleased to have been part of First Give as a judge. Watching the students present was inspirational and I'm delighted that schools are promoting charitable giving at a young age."

Kiran Ramchandawi, Councillor of Harrow, First Give Judge

“Teaching the importance of giving is crucial and to work with First Give is a fantastic way of doing that."

Henry Grunwald OBE QC, Queen's Counsel, First Give Judge

“Excellent intiative and presentations. Very worthy programme. "

Eugene Ayisi, Councillor, First Give Judge

“Thank you to First Give for your excellent work. You are helping to build active and caring citizens of the future. Keep up the good work!"

Mubin Jaigirdar, Civil Servant, First Give Judge

“Great presentations from all of the students. It was evident that the students had completed research and spent a great deal of time working on this. Great to see so many supporters present."

Hannah Cilia, Grants Officer, The Jack Petchey Foundation

“Children are our future. It's important for young people to learn about the change they can make in the world- First Give has helped in the task of creating a better world."

Venus Masiha, Hanne & Co Solicitors, First Give Judge

“What a wonderful initiative. A great way to help charities, but more importantly, help young students develop their skills. "

Ron Pratt, Mayor of Burnham-on-Crouch, First Give Judge

“Fantastic opportunity for students to showcase their skills."

Harshinder Hundal, Partner of Pictons Solicitors, First Give Judge

“All of the groups put forward very had powerful, emotional presentations and captured my attention very well. They were engaging and created a very moving atmosphere."

Ciaran James, Head Boy from Birchgrove School, First Give Judge

“I now know how it feels to want to win something for someone else and not yourself."

Year 10 Student, Bedford Girls School

“The best event I attended. The girls worked very hard to create slick presentations- it was an enjoyable event! "

Diana Jarvis, Newsquest, First Give Judge

“It was a real pleasure to see young people speak with such passion. The empathy they showed towards their charity was heart warming."

Lynne Kyle, Assistant Headteacher, First Give Judge

“The students have gained a tremendous amount of courage, empathy and understanding through their work with First Give. Watching all of their presentations made me feel so incredibly proud of the work they have put into this project."

Mrs J Surani, Vice Principal, Kingsley Academy

“We've learnt to be thankful for what we have and that not everyone is as fortunate as us. We will all definitely take part in charity work in the future."

Year 8 Student, Bexley Grammar School

“A really well organised and exciting final! The programme harness's young people's potential and gives them a valuable opportunity to connect with important social issues. The feelings of achievement were clearly high across all of the young people involved."

Emily Simpson, Partnership Manager, The Jack Petchey Foundation

“The research, the passion and commitment to promote their chosen charity was wonderful to see."

Fr Micheal Moorhead, Priest, First Give Judge

“It was a privilege and an honour to be a judge at the Chace Community School final. All the finalists showed great knowledge about their charities. How to present will be a good skill in their future."

Denny Adam, Property Director, First Give Judge

“I was impressed with the research and passion the young people put into their presentations. They really care about these causes."

Sandeep Shah, Head of Communications & PR, The Jack Petchey Foundation

“Really inspiring to see a group of students really understanding the worth of great charities."

Steven Lewis, Chairman of Jewish Care, First Give Judge

“I love that us students are being encouraged to get involved in our community. It instills in us the importance of working as one in order to work towards a better and more loving society."

Hafsa Jalisi, Head Girl, Claremont High School Academy

“This is a great initiative and helps to raise awareness of some great causes!"

Jim Shepley, Executive Director, First Give Judge

“It was an insightful expereince as a judge. It was inspiring to hear young people talk about social issues that mattered to them in such an engaging and thoughtful way."

Sanchia Alasia, Councillor for Barking & Dagenham, First Give Judge

“We learnt that there are more important things in the world that are worth your time to go out there and make a difference."

Year 10 Student, Bedford Girls School

“Judging for First Give was an amazing opportunity and it was a pleasure to see so many young people engaging in important social issues."

Amani Khan, Student Youth Council, First Give Judge

A very rewarding experience as a judge, a thoroughly uplifting experience for the students. Confidence building and remarkable opportunity for students upon which they can build."

Michael Orford, Teacher, Plumstead Manor School

“Wow- what an emotional evening. I am so proud of the amazing journey these boys have been on with First Give- stunning!"

Jenny Gayler, Vice-Principal, First Give Judge

I think that all the presentations were fantastic in their own ways. Many students showed confidence, collaboration and independence. Overall, I believe this was an excellent experience for all."

Sundas Batool, Year 10 Student, Plumstead Manor School

“The students were enthusiastic about their topics. I think it's a great opportunity for them to learn about social issues and social justice. "

Idit Pick, UK Task Force Education Officer, First Give Judge

“A wonderful evening! Huge awareness for local charities and amazing presentations given by students. "

Hannah Morgans, Co-Principal for All the Arts Theater School, First Give Judge

“Outstanding initiative, benefiting charities and the development of young inquisitive people. "

Ben Banks, Company Director, First Give Judge

“I was impressed with all the boys presentations and the skills that they've learnt. I was amazed with their involvement in charities."

Thomas Craik, Inspector of the Metropolitan Police, First Give Judge

“Very impressive programme and very professional. Fantastic final. "

Richard Clifton, Mayor of Sutton, First Give Judge

“I really enjoyed it! It was really inspiring to see students present their presentations. All schools should partner with First Give. "

Charles Francis, Police Constable, First Give Judge

“Working with First Give has been a delight and has provided remarkable opportunities for our year 8 students to enagage really meaningfully with a range of emotive social issues. It was a clear win-win!"

Stephen Elphick, Headteacher, Bexley Grammar School

Really wonderful experience, it was great to see the enjoyment that the young students had in giving to others."

Hannah Egoeye, Head Girl, Grey Coat Hospital School

“It was really inspiring to see such passion from the students. First Give has done a wonderful job of raising awareness of social issues and encouraging young."

Sue Gutierrez, Trustee, Buffini Chao Foundation

“An excellent way to involve students in the charity sector!"

Stephen Alambritis, Council Leader of Merton, First Give Judge

“I was very impressed with all of the students efforts. You are all winners. Well Done!"

Schenell Stephens, Grants Officer, The Jack Petchey Foundation

“An incredibly well organised and enjoyable evening. The knowledge from the students was surprising and their bravery to stand up and present was great to see."

Dean Thomas-Welch, Correspondent ITU, First Give Judge

We want to thank First Give for the opportunities they have given us. As teenagers we feel like we can't really make a difference, because we're too young to be taken seriously. But through First Give, we really have."

Year 10 Student, Wallington High School for Girls

“Brilliant evening, inspiring students and supportive school."

Mike Bonney, Treasurer of Bedford Mencap, First Give Judge

“A fantastic opportunity to get young people engaged with local charities and thinking about volunteering, combined with a very real incentive for charities to get actively involved in the process."

Liz Pearce, Operations Manager, Redbridge CVS

“What a fantastic programme and superb presentations from the students who really want to go the extra mile!"

Mike Stallard, Director, First Give Judge

“A motivating experience for all participants. They learnt so much in a very short period of time."

Ian Starling, Head of School Improvement, First Give Judge

Very impressive and wonderful to see children finding out and being passionate about social issues. Long may it continue!"

Jackie Rosenberg, CEO One Westminster, First Give Judge

“It was great to see the enthusiasm generated in the teams. They were all deserving of an award for effort."

David Bowater, Chairman of Central Bedfordshire Council, First Give Judge

“I wish I had the oppurtunity to participate in the First Give programme when I was in year 9."

James Lee, Deputy Head Boy, Yavneh College

“We are now able to give our all on stage without fearing the upcoming challenges."

Year 9 Student, Gumley House Convent School

“The School Final was a lovely evening, the culmination of an active citizenship project which has engaged the students, encouraged them to think more deeply about local and national issues and developed their presentation skills. "

Catriona Jenkins, Assistant Headteacher, Hampstead School

“Impressive presentations. All groups showed passion for the causes- their films in particular were great!"

Amy Braier, Director of Pears Foundation, First Give Judge

“It was great to see young people speak out and advocate for their chosen charities with such passion. It made it very difficult to select a winner!"

Ricky Theodosio, Sutton Life Centre Manager, First Give Judge

“It is amazing that there is an organisation that acts as a bridge between the students and their chosen charities. It's great that they're able to take part in society and expose charities social issues for more attention."

Joelle Palmer, Head Girl, Virgo Fidelis School

“A truly wonderful event- so worthwhile to all of the students!"

Amber Joe, Service Captain, First Give Judge

“Watching the students presentations was fantastic. First Give is something to be celebrated!"

Lina Johnston, Teacher, First Give Judge

An excellent experience for all involved."

Wendy Day, Teacher, Hurstmere Boys

“First give has taught me that it's better to give than receive."

Year 9 Student, Ashlyns School

“As a judge this was a fantastic opportunity for me to see how strongly young people feel about organisations in their community. Thank you!"

Stephanie Pinner, Training Manager, First Give Judge

“A great project for QK Year 9s, as their line manager I have seen the 'buzz' it has created in the year team. Hopefully an annual event for Quntin Kynaston."

Celeste Fay, Deputy Headteacher, Quintin Kynaston School

“A wonderful initiative allowing worthwhile fundsto be raised in a meaningful and fantastic way. Pupils inspired everyone in the room! Well done First Give- incredible work!"

Melanie Lee, Deputy Headteacher, First Give Judge

“It was an honour to judge the First Give final. It is great that the young people are encouraged to continue to support their local charity and they will be great ambassadors in the future."

Mayor of Thurrock, First Give Judge

“I have been truly impressed by the impact this has had on the students. They have had their eyes opened to the world and are now more thoughtful young people. Thank you!"

Liam McGillicuddy, Teacher, Quintin Kynaston

“Wow, well done QK year 9s – I was seriously impressed with your research and engagement skills relating to the charities you chose. It was great for me to learn about some organisations I hadn’t previously been aware of – you educated me so thank you! The students’ commitment and social conscience was clear and I was really impressed by all of their creativity, confidence and presentations – it was fantastic to be part of celebrating their First Give work."

Josie Verghese, Producer BBC News, First Give Judge

“We have learnt that the communities we live in are greatly impacted by charities and for that we are forever grateful."

Year 9 Student, Gumley House Convent School

“We've learnt that with some work, you can change other people's lives."

Year 8 Student, Bethnal Green Academy

“An absolutely fantastic programme. Outstanding presentations, full of information, creativity and provoking thought and discussion. Congratulations to Eden Girls' School and First Give."

Laura Nicholson, Assistant Chief Constable, First Give Judge

“This is the second year that we have been working with First Give and we will continue too. The skills the students develop throughout this process is truly fantastic. All schools should get involved in this."

Mr McCullagh, Headteacher, The John Fisher School

“We have learnt to persevere and that team work will always pays off."

Year 10 Student, Bedford Girls School

“What an excellent event! Engaging, entertaining, moving. It helped to develop their speaking & listening skills as well as their social conscience. Brilliant!"

Mr Cramer, Headteacher, Greenford High School

“This has been a fantastic experience for our students who have learnt so much from their research and work. Thank you to First Give for enabling Bentleywood High School students to get involved with charities."

Janice Howkins, Headteacher, Bentleywood High School

“A really worthwhile activity that encourages engagement, independent working and teams collaborating together for a common purpose."

Gary Moore, Deputy Head, Hampstead School

“The School Final was a most educational evening and brought out some great strengths and confidences from the pupils participating. First Give is an excellent initiative and so inspirational for the students.   "

Liam DeRoe, Volunteer, Macmillan Cancer Care

“Such a valuable and worthwhile event. So pleased to be invited as a guest judge to witness our young people caring about others."

Howard Gould, Community Liason Officer, Leyton Orient FC

“A really inspirational and worthwhile experience for our students. I was so impressed with the hard work, effort and the passion displayed."

James Kane, Teacher, London Academy of Excellence

“First Give has given our students a fantastic opportunity to better understand and engage with their local community. The majority of our students had no idea how many local charities there were covering such a large range of social issues. As a Catholic school we teach and expect our students to uphold Christian values and the opportunity to serve their community in such a selfless way is a great way for our 6th Formers to lead by example. The finalists have also benefited from the extra presentation skills training which gives them a valuable transferable skill in return. It’s a complete win win."

Alastair Watkins, Teacher, Cardinal Wiseman School

In my 10 years of teaching PSHE and Citizenship, First Give proved themselves to be one of the most professional organisations I have come across. In terms of their support, delivery of the scheme, both in terms of interactions with staff and pupils and in particular the quality of their resources. I would unquestionably recommend them to other schools."

Stuart George, Teacher, Didcot Girls' School

“I know the students will remember their involvement with First Give for the rest of their lives and that the impact on the growth of their characters will be sustainable. First Give is a brilliant, truly altruistic organisation committed to supporting the work of schools in a very practical and generous way and I heartily recommend any school interested in developing the “whole child” to get involved with First Give."

Daniel Connor, Principal, Challney High School for Boys

“First Give has given us the confidence to speak out about something we care for. It has allowed us to give back and make a positive impact in our community."

Year 10 Student, Hayes Academy

“An incredible evening that demonstrated the power young people possess. The students’ enthusiasm for local giving will stay with me."

Chris Smith, SSAT, London Academy

“Our team have learnt so much on the programme. Not only have we put together a presentation but we've had to meet new people in the community and learn their needs."

Student, Archbishop Lanfranc Academy

“I found the night very exciting to see all the groups trying to put their ideas and desire across using important life skills. It is good to see youth with confidence."

Ryan Nichols, Year 11 Student, First Give Judge

“First Give provides the motivation for young people to really get to grips with the issues affecting society today. Many of their responses were genuinely inspirational and insightful: showing a real sense of awareness and social responsibility."

Gary Lobbet, Principal, Alec Reed Academy