Keeping safe

Many of you will want to go and visit your charity as well as meeting them when they come into school. That is great! Follow these tips for a safe visit. 

Before your visit:

  • Contact your charity by phone and arrange a definite time to visit
  • Tell your teacher and parent/carer the date and time you are going on your visit AND the name of the person you will see
  • Contact your charity again the day before and confirm your visit
  • Make sure you know the name of the person you are visiting
  • Decide where you will meet other team members
  • Plan the route from home to your meeting point (and the charity) and back again
  • Ensure that your visit is at a reasonable time: visits should not take place after 6pm
  • Do not give out any personal information, for example your email address, or telephone number. Use the school’s contact details if necessary

 On the day:

  • Be safe on the road
  • Do not go on your own. If others in your team are ill and you are the only person that can visit, ring the charity as soon as possible and re-arrange for another date
  • Contact your parent/carer when you arrive at the charity and when you leave

If in doubt, ask your teacher any questions you may have about keeping safe.