School Finals

Key judge information

 In a nutshell 

First Give is a charity that inspires and equips secondary school students to engage with and support their local community through social action (awareness or fund raising), while also developing essential soft skills.

We run programmes in approximately 210 schools across Greater London, Yorkshire and South Wales. We will impact approximately 31,500 students every year.

 The way the First Give programme works 

 The School Final 

What are the students competing for?

 A £1,000 First Give grant for the winning class’ chosen charity.

Your role as a Judge at the Final 

As a judge, your role is to watch the classes' presenting teams, and give them a score out of 60 using our judges checklist. Once all the Judges’ scores have been added, the winner will be announced and the novelty cheque presented to the winning class and charity. There will be photo opportunities at this stage. We also ask that a representative from the panel gives some constructive general feedback to the teams before the winner is revealed. 

Why have I been invited to judge?

 There are many reasons we may have invited you to be a judge:

- You or your organisation works with young people, or works to support young people
- You are in a community focused position e.g. a local councillor or police officer
- You have expressed interest in being a judge

We aim to show students people from a variety of professions, while exposing them to organisations which they may use or work for in the near future.

How much time do I need to spare?

Judging a Final only requires you to volunteer 2 hours of your time. No long-term commitment is necessary.

However, if you would like to judge multiple times within a year, we would love to hear from you! The appropriate team member (below) will note your location preferences, so we can alert you when there are Finals happening that are relevant to you!

 What you're looking for 

Would you like to be part of First Give’s mission to impact and develop thousands of young people?
Would you like to support the development of students’ essential skills and social conscience?

Please do get in touch:

Greater London and home counties:
South Wales: