Inspiring a new generation of givers 

 “Students were given lessons on how to identify social issues and learn about charities in the area that helps to address that particular issue.  

I managed to fit it into an already packed curriculum as I knew the programme was enriched with SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural learning) opportunities along with skills that allowed each student to become confident and effective communicators.”  

 Nikael was able to organise a First Give Fair which provided all students on the programme the chance to sell cakes and play games to raise money for their chosen charities. This was a great way to embed a giving culture within the school as well as creating valuable new links within the community. 

 “Both teachers and students benefitted greatly from taking part. As teachers we were able to further inspire pupils by showing them that if they work hard and put their mind to something they can and will achieve it.” 

 “Students have said that as a result of taking part they feel more motivated to make a difference in their community and some have been able to recognise the sort of career they would like to go into for the future.” 

 Due to her fantastic commitment to harnessing her students’ passion for social action Nikeal was our ‘Teacher of the Year’ at the First Give Awards 2015.