Diani speaks out 

Diani was introduced to the First Give programme as part of her PHSE lessons at Queens Park Community School.

“My team’s chosen charity was Alone in London which supports homeless people with a focus on getting young people off the streets. As a teenager my biggest every day worry is: what shoes or clothes should I wear? For these teenagers it’s very different. For them the worry is where am I going to sleep tonight? Should I stay on the night bus and sleep at the back? People my age should not have to deal with these issues and especially not in this country.”

Diani’s team contacted the charity and made plans to visit their local branch so they could see first-hand the vital support the organisation provided in her community.

“I walked in and I couldn’t believe how small their facilities were. It was shocking to see the difference between the size of the building compared to the large numbers of people who needed help. There were people from so many different areas of London.”

            The team put together a presentation and video to advocate for their cause in The First Give public speaking competition. Even though               her team didn’t win, Diani was inspired to continue doing positive work and speaking up for issues she cares about.

“I’m such a talkative person with friends, however before I started First Give I found it really difficult to speak in public. The programme really helped me develop my confidence and taught me how to use my voice to make an argument. It was also a valuable experience which helped when I applied to be my school’s Charity Co-ordinator.

I now project manage the school’s annual fundraising campaign for Great Ormond Street Hospital. However, my big plan for the year is to organise an event on International Women’s Day to raise both funds and awareness for the Orchard Project which challenges the practice of female genital mutilation.”