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Connecting Charities and Schools

How it works: 

charity-selectionCharity selection

A class of students choose a charity to support. The choice is entirely the students'; we do not influence this decision

making-contactMaking contact

A charity representative is invited to come and speak to the class about their work. If capacity is limited, the charity could Skype, do an email/phone Q&A or the students can visit the charity

social-actionSocial action

Students spend the next few weeks raising awareness and fundraising for their charity as well as making presentations

school-finalSchool Final

The school hosts a School Final where students deliver their presentations in teams to a panel of judges and an audience of parents and charities

win-1kWin £1,000

The class who scores highest for their presentation and social action wins £1,000 for their chosen charity 


  • The chance to win a £1,000 grant towards your work
  • Engage a class of young people with social action (including fundraising), so every charity should be a winner

  • Develop relationships with local schools and young people and your community

  • Build a new generation of supporters, volunteers and donors


  • Provide facts and figures about your work and social issue
  • Use case studies to demonstrate the impact of your charity
  • Explain what £1,000 could do for your charity
  • Help students come up with creative fundraising activities to support you
  • Provide examples of how students could volunteer with you
  • Keep in touch and support them with their social action

Attend the School Final

This is an uplifting big school celebration to find our winners for the year. Parents, teachers and charities are invited to attend the School Final where one charity will win £1,000.

Students from across the year group will pitch their charities in front of a panel of judges. They will use this platform to tell the audience about their chosen charity, the work they have done for them and, if applicable, the money they have raised for them.

At the end of the 90 minute event, judges will decide on who will win the £1,000 in grant money. Students and their winning charity will be invited on stage to collect the £1,000 cheque!