ASDAN Personal Development Programmes

  • First Give has a Customised Agreement with ASDAN, which means that every student who achieves a First Give certificate is awarded 2 ASDAN credits (20 hours) towards the Personal Development Programmes.
  • There are three Personal Development Programmes: Bronze (6 credits, 60 hours), Silver (12 credits, 120 hours) and Gold (18 credits, 180 hours).
  • A First Give certificate allows learners to use their 2 ASDAN credits towards any of the Personal Development Programmes. For example, a First Give certificate can provide 1/3 of the credits needed for ASDAN Bronze.
  • A completed ASDAN Personal Development Programme can count as up to 6 of the 12 ASDAN credits required for the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE) qualification at Levels 1 and 2. Progression to the ASDAN Universities Award is also available.
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